TV Series Review: Scream - Season II 2016 (Spoilers Ahead)

There are spoilers here... It will ruined your experience with Scream...

So we've got the last episode from season 2 and probably the last episode of these series. I don't know where they can go from here.

Everything points out to Emma and Audrey after being found out with pinchforks over Brooke's father. The Xeriff arrest them.

Well... after watching the first seven episodes post here I said that Kieran was the murderer.... and he was!!

He start corroborating with the police telling them stuff about Emma and other people taking their lenses out of him. In episode 8 he goes so far to dress as the killer and being gagged and with handcuffs. Since he was Emma's boyfriend he knew anything and everything.

In later episodes (10 and 11) he repeatedly appeared after the killer did and he never once was in the same place as the killer. 

The last episode as I said Emma and Audrey are on the run and of course Emma tells everything to Kieran so he knows everything beforehand. And  I had one final proof he was him BEFORE Emma finds out. Noah gave his phone to Emma in the Theatre. Emma goes searching for Audrey in the orphanage when Kieran appears telling her that he found out her place after talking with Noah and searching "where the phone is app". How could he talk to Noah if he didn't had the phone? 

In the final showdown Eli confronts Emma while Audrey is handcuffed and says that Kieran is the killer. Saying that Kieran was obessesed with a girl in Atlanta and he blamed Eli for it. When he tries to stab Kieran Emma shots him. But then Kieran said something that turns him in as the Killer.

In the end Audrey and Emma subdue Kieran and he is arrested. The reason for it all it was strange. Supposedly he was Piper's lover even before it all began and the reason he became a killer was his father and Emma's mother. Oh and killing is a better therapy.

All in all a good finale. 

When the show is in the credits we see Brook taking breakfast with Gustavo and his father. We see Emma and Audrey watching a movie together. The teacher writing a book and Noah talking in his radio show the Morgue. We also see Emma's mother grabing a note sticking on a tree with a knife carve on it (hinting on the return of Brandon). The last scene is Kieran's in jail talking in a phone and the distorted voice of the killer asking him "who gave permission to wear the mask?" This hints to a third season? The ratings are low.. I don't know if it is going to happen...

Read here about how the actor playing Kieran's felt..

When finding out he was the killer, Kieran’s first reaction was just blank. “It was like, ‘Oh, okay. This is very new.’ And then very shortly after, I became ecstatic. It was something I’ve been waiting for — it was something I wanted. I thought I was going to get it in Season 1, and then I wasn’t. And then in Season 2, I just ditched the idea completely, so I wouldn’t get down if it wasn’t. It’s a coveted part. I think a lot of people would want to be the killer on a show where you know, most people are getting killed off. There’s a longevity associated with that role. And so, I couldn’t really allow myself to take the bait and assume I was the killer. I just played along as good old Kieran,” he said.
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