TV Series Review: Wayward Pines Season 2

I recently made a comparison between Nazi Germany (or at least Germany between 1917 to 1942)  and Wayward Pines.. but now to full extent...

Wayward Pines is allegorical Nazi Germany...
Don't even start with season one but... yeah
- The perfect state and the vision of one man.
- The dictoriship regime where everything is controlled and you do what they want you to do.

- The Invasion Day remind me of end of WW I where Nazi Germany went bloom and they start rising and gaining power (this period is the period supposedly happened between season 1 and 2)

But the second season?

- The Brown Shirts are the Sturmabteilung (SA). 

- The all controlling state (Rebecca Yedlin even says to her husband that she now works in the salloon because they need her there)
- The purge of all dissidents (jews, communists and so on)
- The young school is Hitlerjung
- The baby boom they are trying to impose - In germany there wasn't a procreation program that imply children should start after 12 or 13 but they reward woman who had 4 or more babies Cross of Honour of the German Mother.
- The plan to colonize outside their state (in this case walls)
- They saw the Abby retreat as weakness and push forward (it remind me of Operation Barbarossa - Invasion of Russia) 

And I am at Episode 5 so I bet that they are going to attacked by the Russians Abbies...

Now to continue after Episode 5.
- The Abbies completely overrun the invaders..
- So there were power struggles between the Leader and some of their cabinet (Hitler suffered several coup d'etat )
- The experiments on the Jews Abbies
- The escape (The ODESSA plan-  Organisation der Ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, meaning: Organization of Former SS Members)

Enfin... To anyone who watch this second series and understand the least of Nazi Germany will understand what I am talking about...

So, what did I thought about the series? I am really disappointed to say the least.

Season 2 Review
Kerry and Jason - Husband and Mother Wife

The second season was a mistake. After months of ending the first season they renewed. Most actors were already in other projects so they had to be killed off... And the first five episodes we saw just that. Death's that serve no purpose whatsoever. I really hate it....

Well, remember last season where Abbies just went amok into the town? Well this series is after a couple of years where Jason took control on the town as the protegé of Pilcher . At his side is Kerry.

In this series they wake up a medic Theo Yedlin to save Kerry after an attack because the town has no new medic since the First Generation are a bunch of kids. Afterwards he meets his pre-wife (from before) who tries to make him feel integrated to this new reality.

Of course not everything is good there. There is a also CJ a new personage (strange that he plays rather important role here and no interaction in the first season) which is from the time of Pilcher and Megan. Basically he woke every 20 years to see what was happening to humanity. He is rather focus on survival (making crops and such) but at the same time he is rather melancholic. After Jason dies in the last episode he became a somewhat leader with Theo Yedlin.

Basically the town suffers from hunger, because nothing is growing inside the fences. They make some crops outside and drove the abbies away but they return in greater numbers. After the first attempt they try a second time with flamethrowers and scare every abby for miles making them rather convinced they have own over the animals. Meanwhile a female abby appears in town and is capture. Megan with the help of Theo try to talk with her after discovering that her problem solving part of the brain was two times bigger than them. After a first initial good run Jason kills three male abbies and only stop at the female after being threaten with a weapon by Theo.

Later, the female learn how to open the door and killed Megan (Megan was doing some weird shit to her) and escape town and the amassing Abbies become to outnumber the humans inside the fence. Jason and the rest made a choice. Leave half the population behind and the rest would sleep. Thus end Wayward Pines season 2...

Why this season sucked? Well... There weren't any good characters.


Megan was the only one from the previous series and she was truly despising making boys of 12 and 13 make babies. She ill-advice Jason at times. She despised Abbies and only with Theo with the support of Kerry did she try to communicate instead of torture. When she was killed the internet cheered....

CJ is a good character and with flashbacks from Pilcher he made us understand the reason Wayward Pines was made and his reason to live. He is rather melancholic and he once saw Pilcher dream but now he only wants to survive with the rest of the gang...

Jason was truly the interesting character. He is Hitler but not because he "wants" to be but because he feels it's the only way. He must lead other persons and with only 18 or something he has too much responsibility on his back. He made some hard choices (someone will see it a dictator) but after watching everything...was it not necessary? Democracy failed in Wayward Pines. People couldn't handled the truth and destroyed the first Wayward Pines... I think he was rather good. Influenced by CJ, Megan, Kerry and Pilcher  he is not evil. He died in the 9 episode after a fight with Kerry when he discovered that his lover was also his... mother!

Kerry was a strong woman who advised Jason against Megan. She allied with Theo but never betraying Jason. In the end she discovered that she was Jason's mother. Well, this is never explained but its known. After the first season Pilcher dies and Jason becomes a leader. He then awakes Kerry to be his partner so there was no way either knew. She didn't entered the pods but contaminated herself with bubonic plague and two other diseases and went outside the fence. The objective was to kill every abby around.... (supposedly this was to be Theo suicide)

Theo Yedlin was a medic and main protagonist. He was awaken as the last medic. He saved Kerry and became a medic but always against Jason and his regime. He discovered his wife but things never got going because she didn't knew he was there to begin with. She was the architect of Wayward Pines and one of the first to be awaken. Meanwhile she was already in love with another guy and was expecting a child. He first was totally against it but later on he help them both. He was to suicide himself killing the Abbies because he was against the returning to the Pods. Kerry and CJ conviced him. In my opinion he was more evil than Jason. He try to make a coup d'etat and even manipulated Kerry against Jason. He try to do the same with CJ to no avail. 

Final Review
So, where to go with this tale? I really don't know... I don't know a season three will exist because there was a lot of hate of season 2. 

The first season I would give it 8.5. This one? 4 and only because of Jason, CJ and Kerry. The Other point was because of Kerry & Jason relantionship thingy....
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