Anime Review: Amaama Inazuma (Summer 2016)

Well... This anime was a bit different from what I expected. The premise of this anime was how a young widower dealt with the loss of his wife plus a young female child (4 years?).

As a father (not widower)I watch the first episode and really enjoy it. I thought this was about this journey and maybe a new relationship. 

Unfortunately this anime was about food... yeah, what?? Yes, you read it. This anime is about food. More precise a young widower with a small child learns to cook guide with the help of a college teen with 16 or 17. 

And you now are thinking... are they getting together? Is this show about maybe their involvement? Nope. Nada. There isn't a single hint that the professor is in love with his student, probably the other way around is true...

This is a show about food. 

So, what can I say about it. Each show deals a couple of minutes for the child and the professor dealings and then they get together in a restaurant  (which is always close mind you) and cook with a Teen  (daughter of a famous cook).

Each episode we get to see more of the professor, the child but not so much of the Teen. There are also another two characters (one his a friend of the professor and the other a teen friend of the main-teen).

That's about it. If you want to learn about food then look no forward. If you want to learn about how to raise a child without another parent - probably not the best place. If you like food and like small children - then go for it.

But not all is bad.... I think the actress who portrays the child is awesome. There are some awesome moments and the child really behaves as a child would behave. She sometimes screw up (not that often), makes magic spells so the food turns out good, imagine things, think everything is good and nice and like watching Magi-Girl.

Good show. Probably not for everyone. Can't advice it unless you want a calm cooking anime.
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