Eldritch Horror - Under the Pyraminds (and overall)

Eldritch Horror - Under the Pyramids expansion

Well this expansion came unexpectedly as a gift from my wife.  It was a nice gift and I am already playing a game with Nephre-Ka ancient one (one of the two who were in the game).  This ancient one was not in Arkham Horror (I think he was the Dark Phaorah a semi-boss if you will). They are giving us new ancient ones not presented in AH but the investigators are all the same - in these case we have 8 more and if they are putting all investigators from Arkham Horror there are 16 missing - which means what? Probably one big expansion and two smaller ones. I would like to see a big expansion focus on a city... We've got Antarctica and Egypt... I would like to see a big expansion in Arkham. Maybe even do it in some way you could use Arkham Horror boards? Yeah, that's too much I know....

So what is new in this expansion? Hmm, nothing much but we've got a thematic items, encounters, relics and spells. They are quite nice. There is also new Adventure Cards and Prelude Cards making every game different.

One problem with Arkham Horror was:
- choose ancient one
- choose investigators
- choose only main board or addon city
- choose if you are playing with some cards that will affect If something happens but...

mainly that was it. The play mechanices were no different from each game. And the mythos cards? With more than 120 but all felt the same - open portal, move monsters, spawn clue and something not too horrific happens

With Eldritch Horror you:
- Choose ancient one
- Choose investigator
- One random prelude cards (may give you an on set adventure cards to Antarctica, Egypt or other myriad of choices - some good and others not so good)
- And then the Mythos - you can choose if you want it hardcore or more on light side. Then you get a rumor... damn
- And the ancient one? He has 6 unique mystery cards. Today I draw three but tomorrow I could drawn another three and each one mystery is different. One is kill some epic monster, other is solve x mysteries or something like that.

Then talk about cards - 
Arkham Horror was more streamline. In the beginning I didn't thought so but now with one dozen different conditions you can be in debt, make a dark pact, hallucinate, hypothermia, you can be hurt on a myriad places, haunted and x,y,z. More than a dozen... and this impacts so much... 
- I was playing with four characters. I made an agreement to earn something - and then to my bad luck I had to pay for that agreement.... no dice roll. One of your companions dies... Choose! Damn!Bang!Fuck! and I am playing alone... imagine playing with four people... This truly makes the experience way better than it was possible in Arkham - but don't get me wrong - I enjoy Arkham Horror but Eldritch with all these expansions is becoming my favourite game. It's truly awesome...

Now, back to the game and choose, one to die...

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