Movie Review: The Wave 2015 (Norwegian film)

Well... Wouldn't you know it. Norwegians can make good catastrophe films as well.

This film, under 2 hours, was very good indeed. On par, or even better that some american apocalpytic films. Well, this wasn't an apocalpytic, after all only a town dissapeared from the map. But we are getting ourselves ahead.

Norway is a country known by many things, but one thin
The Beautiful city that will be destroy soon...  
g everyone enjoys are the fjords. And what are Fjords you ask? Usually a long, narrow, inlet with cliffs on either side created b Glacial Erosion. The problem with fjords is that sometimes those cliffs fall into the river making tsunamis that destroy the near towns.

What's the plot you ask?
Well, mainly it's about  a geologist called Kristian who is departing with his family to start a new life in the oil company. There is also Idun (his wife), Sondre (his boy) and Julia (his daughter). He is a hard-working geologist and got has bad feeling after seeing some changes in the mountain survey. Supposedly, those slides or such, move an amount of cms per day. And eventually they will detach from the main mountain. As he is staying one more night in Geiranger (the name of the town) he and his daughter sleep at the old house and the wife and boy in an hotel (where the mother works).

Of course something horrible happens and the huge mass of rocks tumbles to the sea setting a 80 meter tsunami. They all know it will take 10 minutes until the wave hits the shore. 

His little girl is saved but he is trapped in a car which takes the full blunt force of the wave, but it doesn't kill him. Interesting that all other people he encounters in cards or in the bus died. Maybe the wave got pity of him. His wife and son were trapped in the hotel and went to the basement where they were safe from the water. Later on Kristian saved them both.

This is a good movie Excellent special effects. I did not know that other countries could make a 5 or 6 million dollar movies. It seems it compensate because they made 11 millions.

A great movie to be watch to any apocalyptic, catastrophe movie.

Btw; you can go to that down. That mountain can stay up for a thousand years or tens of thousands of years and don't fell down. They know it will but nobody knows when. It's like saying that a meteor will impact earth, nobody knows for sure when but it will

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