TV Series Doctor Who (Season 8) 1971

Yes, it is right - it's the review of the "real" season 8 from 1971 and not the  season 8 from 2014.

I am watching these series from the first season in 1963 and if all goes well I will try to watch a season from time to time until I arrive in 2016 eheh

In this season we've got who (sorry for the pun)?

- Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
- Jo Grant (Katy Manning)

We also have not as main characters (albeit in my opinion) two should be...
- Brigadier Lethbridge-Steward (Nicholas Courtney)
- The Master (Roger Delgado) - our main antagonist, also a time lord.

Terror of the Autons(4Eps) (The first appearance of the Master) is a nice little story with 4 eps where the Master construct some beings out of plastic to kill people.  Mostly the set is inside an office, some outside parts and the UNIT labs.

The Mind of Evil(6Eps) - With 6 episodes is one of the largest and probably one of the most interesting. The Master creates the Keller Machine which in the beginning we think it's a new way to rehabilitate prisoners and then we learn that the reason for it is another. We learn more on The Doctor and it's main fears. We've got flashbacks from several other seasons before. This one is set on a prison with some coverage of UNIT Labs. There are some outside scenes  - These series are on black and white (The rest is on colour)

The Claws of Axos (4Eps) - This was deals with a strange species called Axos which supposedly are going to help humankind - but everything is a cover for the destruction of mankind. The Master is helping the Axos. In the end both the Master and Doctor help each-other.

Colony in Space (6Eps) - This was one the first outside earth story from the Third Doctor. The Timelords seeing that someone or something could unbalance the balance of the uinverse, and because they dislike to get their hands dirty, transport the Doctor to another planet 500 years in the future to stop once again The Master. Most sets are inside a warehouse, the bridge of Master's Tardis and the bridge of a spaceship).

The Daemons (5Eps) - is one supernatural tale where The Scientist Doctor tries to thwart a magical Master. Very interesting show. I read it was kind of scandal dabbling about the occult and satanism, and they couldn't even do what they intended with fear that the Church would fall on them. Nevertheless they made a great show. The Horned Beast after all is a demon. In the end they blow up a mockup church and they got dozens of letters disapproving it. Anyone who is alive in this era would know it wasn't real explosion or blow up buidling but to them it was state of the art special effects. Times are really different.

I dislike the "earth-bound" doctor. Of all three, this one is my least favourite. The first was a grand-father figurine who was never wrong and it was almost oblivious to everyone. But I like his pose, his almost aloof. He rarely change history and was very straight and serious. The second doctor, left most of these qualities behind and become a more fun, without care personality.He care about his companions and I enjoyed his personality. The Third Doctor was a more reflexive kind of guy, and only think about his own motives. He disdains everyone and everything but not Jo. He did things and help others because it help him. The Master tries to convert him and I think a part of him wanted to join the Master.

My favourite episode was the Daemons. I heard it was also Pertwee's favorite. There  isn't a weak one but If I had to choose one it would be the Claws of Axos.

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