TV Series: Wrecked 2016 Season 1

With only 10 episodes, an no good expectations I really enjoy this series. I watched the first episode and I was hooked. I Watched in one week. Every character on the above list are really well done. 

If you enjoy comedy series, Gilligan island & Lost then you will enjoy this series. 
Watching Selma... oh no, Dumb Dumberer To
Well, this series is based on a plane accident and some passengers survive. From the beginning a British armed forces takes over and everybody is overall amazed by him but he soon dies in a stupid way. Then most survivors group and try to survive but one guy who was a failure in real life becomes leader and it begins a dictatorship. Others try to escape the island to no avail. In the end they are rescued... by pirates and thus enter Season 2.

There are great characters in this show and all of them somehow evolved...
Todd a egocentric guy who treated badly her girlfriend Jess Kato
Owen a flight attendant who didn't love anyone and never settle with fear of being hurt
Steve a failure guy who was fired then found out that his boss was screwing with his wife
Florence and Emma girl friendship and the changes...
Danny a guy who was in a rebellious phase...

As I said, it's fun all the way. Probably not to everyone's liking but they touch some interesting subjcets with comedy... relationships, politics, racism, technology and other things... Very enjouys series. It should take much of your time... 10x22 = 222m so under 3h.

The ending let us know that a second season is coming... Probably in June of 2017

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