TV Series: Zoo - Season Two

First Thoughts
Zoo was one of those series that I watch eagerly it would be the last season. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the first season and I was interesting to see where they were going. A cure was being made, so how would they have room for a season 2. And then in middle of Season 2 we got the information that would be renewed for a third season. It's very strange this... I will watch it but I don't think it will be good.... More on that later on on this review...

Synopsis / Episode  Review 1-3 and Impressions

Jackson was bitten by animal and the marks look alike a phase two mutation. Only Chloe knows... Jamie is stranded in North Canada where he finds another survivor. Mitch, Chloe, Jacks on and Abraham are searching everywhere for that phase 2 mutation. They went from Argentina, where they saw first hand a level 2 mutation on humans, making it a bit crazed psychopath with body mutations. There they grab A new member, Dariela, as joining the team a girl from Sao Paulo and already "mated" Abraham.

The only one in the politics helping the gang, Eleanor, was killed by Ants by electric shock. The Ants are Magnetizing and making explosions through electric pulse and they are converging on the Large Particle Accelerator which would make a runaway fusion reactor with a 1000 Klms explosion. 

Interesting is that after Jackson was bit by an animal the other animals are not attack him.
Meanwhile in North Canada Jamie was kidnapped by some guy who was tracking her leopard.

Noah Objective is to kill all animals and repopulate anew... How tha fuck are you doing that? There are trilions of trilions of trilions in the animal kingdom. From microscopic  to Blue Whales. How the heck are you killing all without killing you? There a million ants per human.... If every ant was part of a Hive and they wanted to kill you... You would be dead.

I think every scientist, in the show or is dumb or dead. 90% of all flora depends on animals to polinazation... So, if you kill all animals it would take decades (and only if it can be done) to restore a balance with this new created animals. What 6 billions people eat for those years or decades.... You would have to kill all animals and fish and insects. These show borders the ridicule...

Fan Fact - We are depended on 5 species to survive:
Plankton (photosynthesis - 50% of all air comes from them and not plants and tree), Butterflies (they predict climate change), Honeybees pollination), Bats (main eater of insects. populations throughout the world would suffer and probably died if Bats weren't around) and Fungi (recyclers of Earth)

Episode  Review 4 - 13 and Impressions

Episode 4

Jackson and the human mutants have the same genes & mutations. Probably five weeks until the final stage. Beavers are changing the rivers.
The army capture a sloth who was capable of creating an earthquake... I'm sorry. Come again? WTF? It seems the sloth developed a call that generate a low frequency infrasound... The explanation was that in Seatle in a football game the adepts were jumping up and down that registered in the seismographic machine. 

In Vancouver the bulding where the sloth crashed down. Moles.
They storm Raiden Global headquarter to kidnapp the sloth and learn the way the army is going to kill all animals is true a chemical spray that will kill anything that has the mutant strain. This would kill all humans like Jackson. 

When they are trying to leave Chloe is stuck in a place where she is engulf by the gas they are releasing and loses conscious.
She says to Dariela where Jamie is.

Episode 5 - 6

They save Chloe just so she can die right in the beginning of the episode. Realy? I like her... What's the purpose of killing her?  enfin... Claire Tousignant you will be missed... Something must have happened. Meanwhile Jamie sees Caraquet burning.

Jackson is crying black oily tears...

The plane they are travelling was hijacked and they meet Allison Deputy Secretary Defense (Warehouse 13 - Myka), Mitch stepmother. She is working against the General Davies. With Eleanor and Chloe dead she must coordinate because Gen Davies must not know that the food chain (the biggest orchads in west coast) or else he use it to pass the bill on Noah's Objective.

Caraquet overrun five months before and so the villagers left the city and burn the city. They said that the army run and went to their kin and such. Strange is that this series, besides some attacks we don't see anything globally or we don't get much information on what is happening, so to me, this Caraquet scene is a bit overstretch...  They don't leave that refugee (hundreds of people) and nobody cares about them. No phone (??). This is soooo over stretch...

They find out that all over the place glass is growing on the soil of the trees. Most trees won't grow nothing. People already are stopping eating meat and now fruit? 

So this glass it seems it's snake skin and that guy had a snake inside him.
Triple-Helix & Genomic fossils (Extinct Genes)
Finally they find Jamie and her friend.

Episode 7 - 8
Dariela pick up some survivors in England and vow to take them to safe place. At the same time in the plane The general and his troops invade the plane but after a brief confrontation they are defeated. It seems Abraham have a new history (it wasn't revealed - that ahhhhh moment) - It seems he new Jackson's father long before everything happened...

Episode 9
After searching so far they finally discover Jackson's mother and Jackson himself had to kill her after she tried to kill Abe.

SHOCK (several times - this episode looked like a soap opera novella...)

It seems the animal they found in the grave it was a saber-tooth cat (relative to saber-tooth tiger) but it was instinct for ten thousand years. They are going to Helsinki to find a cryptozoologist... Mitch's Dad
It seems that Abe knew Robert OZ long before he met his new friend. It was Abe that inject Oz's mother with the gene (unbeknownst to him).
Allison was Mitch's girlfriend when his father hook her up... "I was young and stupid..." 
Abe told Jackson it was him who injected his mother and he attack him. When he is striking the last blow Dariela appears and shots him and he escapes the plane.
Allison afterwards is seen in bed with Mitch by Jamie.
It seems in the island of Juan Fernández there is an island who makes experiments animals... extinct animals.

Noah Objective in 3 days

Episode 10

Jackson goes AWOL in an hospital. They finally track Robert OZ with the Help of Minister of Defense from USA. Jackson asks Vera Salmon (an old lady) to go to their friends since she's got also the virus and can be their incubator (she is far less advanced that Jackson).
Dariela is pregnant from Abe but he doesn't know.
Allison tells Jamie that she is in love with Mitch.... But Jamie doesn't say anything.
Jackson tells Abe through a letter that he forgives him. They are not friends but brothers. 
Robert Oz was gone and killed a trooper.
As Jackson is going to confront General Davies, Robert Oz appears and saves him.

Episode 11 

Jackson appears in the plane with his unconscious father.
A nice homage to star wars as (music of the empire) when presenting Russian Embassy in USA.
It seems the Russia is against the Noah Objective but after an animal attack on the Russian embassy, made by the Americans, they are in favor of Noah Objective yet again..
It seems Jackson father thought what he did was to help both his son and ex-wife but somehow the virus mutated.

Episode 12-13 (Hour and half episode)
So  it seems the plan went right ahead and with the help of the islands scientists they had a cure. Jackson's father sacrifices to help his son and cured him. Meanwhile they went back and the animals are good to go - and everyone is safe. The gang soon discovers that what they released with the million birds was two things - First the noah objective went ahead and cure the animals BUT the birds who supposedly were to cure the malign gene was a way to.... drums drums drums... 
to make humankind sterile!

They escape and last we see Mitch is being killed by some hybrids animals... The gang then reunite with Mitch's daughter and say that he saved the world.

The episode goes forward several years and we see Dariela and Abraham in a graduation and we learn that those children were the last to be born in the world (and the world continued to exist) - several armed forces were present there - it seems the world is not that safe anymore...

Mitch's daughter then talks to Abraham and makes another ahhhh moment - Mitch is alive.

This series are good believe me. But I think they should be made as a single season or at least ended here. Earth is our place as is every species place. We don't own earth. We aren't more important than a cat or spider - but man behaves that way. It's should not be more important saving a man's life than an animal. We need the animals but the other way is not true. Only a couple animals need man - the milking cows, basically that. Cats, Dogs, Horses, Camels are all independent animals and can return to the wild (with casualties of course) - Probably not all races of animals but the majority would do it. 

We give too much importance to us. This series if they ended with humankind sterile would be an interesting show because not everything much ended with hope and beautiful things. And now they want to have a season 3, bringing back Mitch (probably most people's favorite character) and a way to solve humankind baby problem... I don't know where they are going... I am going to watch it but I am not have much hope for it....

And why did they killed off Chloe? It makes no sense.
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