Boardgame: Eldritch Horror Campaign (Session 1 - Part 1)

I will be playing a new time of session of Eldritch Horror. I will try to play each ancient one, like in a big campaign. 

  1. If an investigator is devoured or "killed" she or he will be out for the remaining campaign so no trying to kill off some investigators
  2. I don't know if it is possible, but I would like to do the following with the Mythos Cards. The ones used are gone for good, the ones remaining will be shuffled and used again. I will try to use each Mythos Card. The same applies with the location cards, gates and items and such... Oh the Prelude Cards follow the same.  Since there are more than Ancient Ones no one will be used twice.
  3. One thing I want to make sure is that each character discards all possessions when they end their game if they stay alive... I can't find a way to use the same characters PLUS items without giving them a extra advantage... My thought was, since I am going to play with 4 investigators I could use in the second game the rules for 6 players and from the third and the rest I would use the rules for 8 players. But I think this would make the game extra extra hard because they would be only be 4 players... Anyone got an idea?
So let us start. Everything was random chosen so I couldn't choose a better investigator against certain ancient one...

As you can see two gates on top of two characters (the omen track is wrong - I know)

With the possibility of drawing One Unique Task Assets every character did it...

Trish Scarborough - The Spy
 "We lie all the time. But the truth is in there. You just have to know how to decode people."

Everyone expected great things from Trish when she was young. In school, she excelled in athletics and the sciences, but she surprised everyone after graduation by settling into a humble position at a commercial code company. What almost no one knows is that this particular company is a front for the Bureau's code-braking agency, the Black Chamber. Now she finds herself in the city of Krasnoyarsk meeting another agent who has important information about an impending threat from a world beyond our own.

Daisy Walker - The Librarian 
"I know of books so powerful, they can rewrite reality"

Daisy worked in the library of Miskatonic University, overseen by the noted scholar Henry Armitage. She quickly became an expert on the school's collection of strange and occult texts, mastering the obscure subject matter and archaic languages. Through her studies, she came to believe that humanity was facing an impending threat. Armitage believes in her conclusions and has sent her to Istanbul to continue her investigation. It is their hope to discover some means of rescuing humanity from this inevitable doom.

Leo Anderson - The Expidition Leader
"Keep moving. You can die on your own time."

Leo Anderson has spent his whole life getting into the deadliest and most obscure corners of the globe. Along the way, he's lost good people. Fever takes some; others are claimed by wild beasts. After a recent, disastrous venture in the Yucatan, Leo barely made it back to Buenos Airies alive. He's sick of burying the people who trusted him. But the job's not done yet. The world is in danger, and crying in his drink won't fix that. He's picked up a little hired help here, and in the morning, he'll head back into the wild.

Zoey Samaras
God has spoken. I will do his work without hesitation."

When Zoey was six years old, her parents were killed in a fire. As the flames consumed her home, God spoke to her. He told Zoey that she was special and that He was giving her a special task. As an adult, she now travels from city to city, taking work as a chef to support herself. When she isn't working, she stalks the night, guided by the Lord's voice. Wherever she finds wickedness, she strikes it down without remorse or hesitation. Most recently, God has called her to Rome, to dispense His righteous fury.
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