Movie Review: Dark Exorcism (2015) October Horror Fest (16)

I was falling behind on my film marathon but today I ended two movies... 
The first was REC4 and the second was Dark Exorcism.

Dark Exorcism is a movie with a small budget, no doubt about it. None of this actress were none to me and there were only 4 female actress. There is a man but his part is very small and almost non-existent.

Basically the plot is one we've seen before. A family is being terrorized by some ghosts or supernatural occurrences and ask for help of a parapsychologist Kearne. Meanwhile she is being interview by a skepitcal Grad Student Veronica who accompanies her. Kearne also tells her that most cases are not indeed paranormal situations but here have been some who were - one of them lead to a dead of a young boy and still haunts her.

When they arrive at the house they interview first Joan (the mother) and then daughter (Bethany). Veronica is not convinced that it's a demon even after Bethany spit a big nail through her mouth.Before living Bethany congratulates Veronica on her pregnancy which she hasn't told anyone, except her best friend.

They return later, we never know how many days have passed and the situation as aggravated. Now she is speaking in tongues and even arm Kearne. Veronica says that she will go down the cellar and then call the property authorities - basically go to the loony bin (interesting is that her own mother suffer from some psychological disease that degraded her mind and she kill herself).

She then talks to Bethany and the being inside her. He knew things that supposedly nobody could have know. The demon even says that the girl had been abused by her dead father countless times. Veronica leaves the cellar deeply disturbed and ready to believe everything. She alienates her own boyfriend - because he wants to move in and she doesn't. 

She then receives a call from Kearne who tells her that they must return and perform a ritual... The demon now knows her and she cannot escape. After an initial confrontation the demon blinds Kearnes and touches Veronica womb before her own mother appears and weakens the monster with the motherly love.Veronica banishes the demon with a powerful consecrated stone.

In the end we see Veronica typing her thesis and her boyfriend (we deduce that they broke-up because they have a child and live at separated houses) is seeing some photos of her child and mother when he notices something strange on the photos. Meanwhile the baby starts to cry and Veronica goes to the crib and starts muttering something.... the photos, portray a demon changed Veronica like Bethany before...

The movie with less than 90 minutes and with only four characters felt some what rushed... Veronica in my opinion didn't had a good role... The three main characters had their own reasons to do it... Kearny wanted to avenge the death of the child from a previous situation; Veronica who had a mother who suffer psychotic breaks wanted to make sure that nobody suffer as she had and of course the mother and the over-powerful motherly love. They could have done a better job makings us they were suffering... we've see glimpses but nothing much... And the ending meh... rushed ritual with one person who didn't believe in evil (or was starting to); one who says that will believe in any god if it helps and other who we never learn she is a believer... But a cross hurts the demon... Does it? Or it's power of faith transmitted to the cross who binds the demons? Or a Buddhist could grab a cross and do the magic himself? What about a Jehovah witness?

I've seen all of this before... You look at darkness and the darkness looks back... Nietzsche was very smart in his saying. Nothing new or particular interesting. A good passer of time...

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