Movie Review: The Evil in Us (2016) October Horror Fest (25)

I don't know what to think about this movie. It's a critique on the presidential elections? I guess so...

This is not a hard movie to follow. There are some guys and girls that go a island to celebrate the fourth of July. Meanwhile a cop is investigating a crime with three persons (two had died) and the weapons where teeth and claws. 

We follow this six teens in the island, partying, doing some cocaine except one girl - the outsider (she is the new girlfriend of one of the friends) is the only one who doesn't do drugs and is very upset with it - and the boyfriends says he won't do it either. From that moment on one of the guys starts behaving strangely and with rage beyond measure and starts striking down his friends killing one girl and then the mayhe begins.

Meanwhile the detective finds out that the person who sold the cocaine was the same guy on the island that first show the symptoms and they find out that the drugs have something very peculiar and strange that makes people behaving with rage and turn them into "zombies".

Then we've got some 20 or 30 minutes of violence as ones try to flee from others and being killed as so. In the end of the Massacre as the police is arriving only the first man survived with another female who shot him (but not kill him). He understood that everything that happened was because of him and tries to kill himself but it's gun was empty so he pointed to the police who kill him.

Then we've got some news about several outbreaks like the one we experience and a politician is telling that he don't understand how noone in the government do anything to stop and vow if he is elected he will do it.

What's more interesting is that between the massacre and before we watch a middle age man, almost as scientist, checking how people reacted being on cocaine with the variant. He and his wife are masochist because they even enjoy the loud screams. That man is the politician. The movie ends with a mother smoking some weed and then go berserk. It seems they are now, doing weed and cocaine...

As the credits g
o, we watch a conspiracy theorist talking to a journalism that this is a plot by the government. That they change and such but nothing really changes and so on and on, while being mocked by the newscaster... This is a critique to the bi-party that exists in America.

I enjoy the movie and enjoy the plot. I enjoy the critique in the end, probably done because of oncoming elections on America. They are all the same... they rule until someone messes up and then there goes the other side and so on. In Europe, on any country, there are dozens parties and most likely to have more possibilities to vote. 

Good movie to watch, beware the gore. 
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