Movie Review: Grave Walkers (2015) October Horror Fest (28)

Well, I had my son sick so yesterday I had the chance to watch a movie back to back... And it hs some interesting premise (story) but everything else sucked... Grave Walkers. 

This movie is set on Halloween (appropriate) and in the beginning we think that is going one way then goes another way.

Basically a police officer arrests a woman and takes her to the precient but right from the start she knows something is wrong. Other police officers don't see a woman but other evil beings that plagued their own life making each one try to kill it.

Then the dead start to rise.... The undead are quite alike Eddie from Iron Maiden with glowing green eyes. They don't attack people per se, but are going their mind set on some task. They take hostage a priest and bless a rope. They go the precint fighting anyone who opposes them (not even headshots kill them) and fightning also some "possessed" people with glowing red eyes who are trying to escape the arrested woman (or devil if you want).

They drive the devil into the church and make a priest make an exorcism. Meanwhile the humans are going around and around doing stuff but never doing nothing at all...

In the end a red-eyed monster explodes into the church and never really know what hapepns, but we see a little girl with red eyes, probabling hinting that the devil posssessed another person. The humans that were inside the church escape but we never see to where they escape or to what...

Probably a second movie? I hope not. This movie is not good. The special effects are awful - think of sy-fy but worst. The only good thing was really the plot... Zombies vs Devil ? Btw, why were they fightning? We never know...

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