Movie Review: [REC] 4: Apocalipse (2014) October Horror Fest (15)

REC 4 is the fourth in the Spanish franchise of Zombie Apocalypse. I never review the first three but I must say they have a different approach from the american ones - and I enjoy them all.

The first two deals with the outbreak in a apartment in Barcelona and the subsequent containment. They try to explain that the virus has some supernatural origin and the first discovered on a Portuguese girl.

The third movie it's in  a wedding and the outbreak begins. Most of the guests are killed. They used religion, again to stop the undead. In the end the bride and groon are killed, by the military, while exit the wedding, which to me ended perfectly.

The fourth movie begins with a capture few from the house, from REC 1 and REC 2 and the sole survivor from REC 3.  They are in a ship controlled by some doctors and the military - after all it's the safest way to contain in case of a epidemic - and that make sense, but why not using a military ship instead of a cargo ship with civilian inside? That's dumb...

It seems they had a monkey infected with the virus that bit the cook who was preparing food... and people ate it... And a storm is coming...

They are attacked by zombies soon aftewards (the four survivors from previous movies) and try to escape. The Doctors at the same time try to discover a crew just to find out that it's impossible, only with the initial strain. The main doctor threats to destroy the ship to contain the problem. But after reviewing a video from the cameramen from the second REC movie they see that the initial monster pass some larva to the anchor girl (the main protagonist of the story). They try to get her but the remaining survivors try to impend. One of them, the one who save her in REC2, being a medic understands that it's the right way to safe them all. But, there isn't noting inside her and she escapes.

There are a lot of fight sequences and the remaining two survivors, with the help of a crewman from the ship, try to help her - the third survivor (From REC3) died. Again the fighting sequences are very good. They separate and one of the survivors (the one I told you saved her) again help her but she then realizes that she is the carrier. It was inside her but transferred to him, because he was a "better" survivor possibility.

The doctor, realizing there is nothing to do, initiates  the auto-destroy sequence. Meanwhile the other survivor dies and the crewman rescues the girl and try to leave the ship. The doctor having a boat try to launch it to see, just to be killed by the carrier who fights the girl and crewman. They leave him behind, because of the auto-destroy and launch into the see being chased by several zombies. Then the ship explodes...

In the end we see them in a cab, going somewhere and in the see a big fish that eats (or it's "seduced") by the larvae - leaving some unanswered questions.

Since I've watch the third previous books, I had to watch it and I am glad I did. The movie is quite good and try to answer some questions set in the previous novels. OKay, we understand that it all began with some weird possession (so what's the larvae, where does it come from?) - that's unanswered as of yet. We know who was the first but not how she got it. I like the information they give that the larvae only infects whomever it wants so it can control a  body (like he was possessed) without falling to a zombie state. How all of this is done... Don't know.

This movie could be the last, and if it should, it would be nice, since he connected some dots on the survivors but I bet they are going to make another one to wrap things up... Or possible more. When a series are giving money and being well receive why not continue?  

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