Movie Review: Wrong Turn (2003) October Horror Fest (13)

Well my thirteenth  movie was Wrong Turn. There are six movies in the series, I don't know if I am going to watch them all - for what I read this one was the best and then down the hill but probably will try the second one.

This movie is one we've seen a lot of times.. A bunch of kids, adventurers and such are in rural areas of USA and targetted by some inbred freaks with super human strenght.

A man is driving throughout the rural lands of pensylvania when he crashes into a van who had blown her tires.  The five kids appear and three of them with the man try to get some help. The other two stay behind (honestly?).

As they travel throughout the dirt lands they arrive at a house the soon realizes belongs to some sick people who collect dead people body parts (they are cannibals as every inbred is... no, they aren't).

She is part Albanian, so throughout the movie she wears the shirt with a albian double headed eagle (which doesn't appear on the dvd box... why?
As they are leaving the house a truck with the three inbreds arrive and the realize they bring the corpses of their female friend that stay behind. After they had fallen asleep they escape but the inbreds follow them. After an initial confrontation one of kids gets kills by some arrows (now remaining the man, who had crash her car and two female teens).

Our two survivors (with the Albanian t-shirt)
They took refuge in a watchtower and ask for help but the inbreds put fire on the watchtower. Yet they are able to escape to the trees. Then one of the women dies (the soon to be wife of the arrow dead guy). The man and the other woman - and now I am going to say their names, Chris (Desmond Harrington) and Jessie (Eliza Dushku - she is Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), escape but Jessie is capture. Chris goes around and tries to save Jessie from being killed (in their own house). He manage with her help to strike down the three inbreds (but they are still not dead, after all you can't kill an inbred with a arrow in the throat or axe in the heart - yes you can).

They leave the house, probable to mate one another, after all they are both single and smile to one another.... But we never see that, of course. In then a state trooper appears at the burn house but it seems, at least one inbred didn't die...

This movie is not that interesting or good for your information. It's one genre that you've seen before. I give it credit for being able to have five sequels (not so famous or good - judging by IMDB).

I think Jessie had a great part but Chris fell a bit to flat. The shot in the leg should have been more crippling effect and I think most of time he is uninfluenced by it.... But that are my two cents. Either way, go watch it and judge yourself. Bear in mind that it was made 2003 so, he could be one of the first with hillbillies and such..
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