Thoughts XXVI - Reviews Some Thoughts

My website as I said before start being a more movie, series and anime review than books. That's okay. For that I have goodreads.

I enjoy making reviews... I enjoy making reviews while watching the movies... Of course all of my reviews contain spoilers but that's nice for those people who want to read a good throughout synopsis with spoilers. Most websites only have a no spoiler synopsis so... that's that. But more than that, it's a remainder for me of what I watch. 

Sometimes I enjoy re-watching movies.  Horror movies re watching is a bit odd because most spoils I will remember it but nevertheless in ten years why not?

I will try to make ratings for my movies and update my website with it. 

My quest of 31 movies is under way and I am not watching my twelve and thirteen movies (one at home and the other in transit of it). Tomorrow I will catch it and have time to watch other things besides Horror Movies.

What I will do, for you and for me - is watch some Asian Horror Movies, bear in mind that The Faith of Anna Waters even being made in Singapore but all cast is american. Lemon Tree Passage (one that I am watching is Australia & USA joint production) so I will not consider as well... I know Australia is not Asian (even if their soccer national team plays in the Asian tournaments eheh).

One other thing I would love to do was two more marathons... Not one per day because I am not enjoying not watching anime or series

The first was movies from Hammer Films... Horror movies from the 60/70/80. I have 85 movies from that era from the Dracula, Mummy, Frankenstein, Karnstein Trilogy, Quatermass and many others... Let me choose what to watch. The other marathon is a Japanese series of Kaiju... or Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra and such... I have 40 movies (right until 2009) but probably there are more...

Do you have a preference? If you want tell me in the comments...
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