Book Review: Duty Calls by Sandy Mitchell

Duty Calls Duty Calls by Sandy Mitchell
My rating: 7 of 10 stars

This is the fifth book I read from Sandy Mitchell and Commissar Ciaphas Cain and his fateful sidekick Jurgen.

Again he returns to kick some Tyranids butts...
You've got Cain and Jurgen in Periremunda to quench a supposedly chaos riot. BUT because one enemy is not enough they soon discover that they are in the route of an invasion of Tyranids. OF COURSE, this was not enough and Cain and Jurgen have to deal with the Inquisition as well.

Not as fast as other books in my opinion and after reading 6 books by him I must say that my favourite one was also the smaller one. Caves of Ice.

I think that most of this story could have been told with 256 pages or something like that. Too much fillers and at times it feel I was reading things that happened in other books.

Nevertheless, a good adittion if you like Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen. If you have read the last four books you are by now used to him (Ciaphas) and the author way of telling stories so you will enjoy this one as well. If you are new to this... you will not be lost but in my opinion start with Caves of Ice (even if it the second published).

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