Book Review: Entombed by Brian Keene

Entombed Entombed by Brian Keene
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

Good tale but I've read better from him. This is a zombie tale but without zombies, well at least for most of the book. Only a couple of pages with them. The main story is in a bunker as a band of survivors try to survive with limited provisions. I really like that descend into madness as the main character (Peter) tries to survive killing other survivals whilst a zombie apocalpyse is just outside the doors.

Interesting theme is the descent into chaos by humans in face of an apocalpyse. Most writers have a dark perspective of human nature (my as well) that humankind is worst than "things" out there.

This novella links to his Labyrinth Mythos but besides some notes (connection to Dead Sea per exemple) but it could be a separate book.

Would I advice it to you?
If you want a good story about a descend into madness propelled by hunger and thirst - Yes
If you want a good zombie tale - Yes but with precautions.

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