Book Review: Flesh of Cretacia by Andy Smillie

Flesh of Cretacia by Andy Smillie
My rating: 9 of 10 stars

This was one of the most interesting novels (novellas) that I read in a long time.

Flesh Tearers are a particular interesting chapter of space marines. Most Space Marines are unique in some way but they are still "normal". Most of the time we learn that Space Marines are almost inhuman but almost every story written by space marines we get the exact opposite. They are humans, with feelings (even if hardened by all they have to pass) and moral situations that, well make them human.

With the Flesh Tearers we get something more interesting than that. This tale begins right after the end of Horus Heresy and the separation of the Blood Angels and creation of new chapters. In here we follow Amit, a previous captain of the IX company of Blood Angels that was granted the honour of founding a new chapter. This chapter has a anusual amount of marines succumbing to the Black Rage which makes them the more interesting.

This tale begins as they engage the orks in a primeval world. But even before the deploynment begins things start to wrong but Amit, the chapter master, says that they must kill every Ork and overcome that obstacle. With his forces depleting after the crusdade they were dealing they had no homeworld to draw new recruits. Instead they recruited from worlds they save from the clutches of Imperial enemies.

In this tale we follow a couple of characters as they deal with their own moralities and problems. We follow Amit, the chapter master, Zophal the Chaplain of the Black Company, Barakiel, Scout Cassiel, Mamied, Manakel and other space Marines but also Tamir one of the leaders of Cretacia many tribes or even the Shipmaster Neta.

Very interesting book where you can learn a bit about this space marines. I should read Fear to Tread because for what I read, Amit's shame is told there.

"Even we have our limits, brother. Through as with all truths, there are those who would cry this false. The ignorant of humanity believe us to be gods, worshipping us as divine beigns of impossible power, who bring hope and terror in equal measure. but there is no mercy in our hearts, brother. Salvation does not run in our veins.
But the Rage, the Rage knows no limit. Some think we clad the damned in black to mourn their passing. But that is to misunderstand our purpose. We are angels of fury and violence. We are wrath and we are death, and nothing more. In the last moments of life we embrace the darkness, for there is no light after death, no forgiveness, only the blackness of rage and the absolution of death.
For only in death does duty end."

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