Book Review: Nightfall by James Swallow

Nightfall Nightfall by James Swallow
My rating: 3 of 10 stars

Another un-interesting novel of stargate atlantis. After leaving a void when the show was cancelled I had to read the books belonging to this series. Unfortunaly they are not that good because the main characters dont behave equally in each novel. if one portrays wrongly mckay others leave teyla and ronon as simple sidekicks of sheppard. even their relantionships are kind of wrong. sheppard loves mckay in a way but some books its seems he hates him.

This novel depicts the sga in a world that is free of wraiths from some time but at the same time that benevolent dictator kidnaps people at random and after some time released them with some illness. Most of the first half of the novel is like the prime directive of startreck that says that should avoid messing with an enviroment they visit. Strangely in the episodes rarely this comes up. Well after teyla and ronon being held captive the rest of the team ignores the directive and move forward to help them. The revelation was great and easily the only worth part of the novel.

The ending was as predicted and it felt like nothing happened because its would be big in the episode continuity.

There was several typos on this novel mainly with the Ronon name.
Unfortunally the void remains and even not enjoying almost any novel I shall read the next one... with low expectations....

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