Book Review: Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Relic Relic by Douglas Preston
My rating: 7 of 10 stars

I TRY THIS book because I read some other books by the same authors and I enjoy the feeling they gave me. It was a thrilling ride throught the Museum with a mystery of a beast, like the aligators in the sewers.

The book is full of action, history and mystery. Pendergast is not the main character as I previously thought but rather Margo Green and Vincent D’Agosta. Pendergast is almost deus-ex-machina that helps solving the problem.

From this book forward, from what I know, it changes and Pendergast become the main character.

There is a character that is writing a book about the museum and they don't want him to write about the monster because it will give a bad reputation to the museum. It's like a book within a book.

The Atmospheric setting, twists in the plot, the characters, the history behind and the policial elementals give this book a must have to any fans of X-Files. Well, not only this but did I mention is a horror story?

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