Book Review: Sphere by Michael Crichton

Sphere Sphere by Michael Crichton
My rating: 7.5 of 10 stars

After trying and failing to finish Jurassic Park but having enjoyed Eaters of the Dead I gave Michael Crichton another try.

I don't know If I enjoyed it or no. I really don't.
The writing style is bland and it reads like a script. It's a fast-paced thriller no doubt about it. The plot itself moves forwards and makes you wonder what is going to happen but at the same time, in the end you will make a question. What happenend?

Allow me to elaborate. You've got a team of scientists and military that go diving into the depths to find out what kind of alien ship is lying there. Unfortunally the only thing you learn about the ship is that is not alien but earthly, but from the future. So now what? Why was it send here? What's the Sphere? Alien? Futuristic? What? What's it for? There are some questions that we never learn and that's is why I didn't enjoy more the novel.

The psychological side of the book is excelent. I really enjoy Beth, Harry and Norman battling the "Sphere" and the realization of the episode. The ending was in my opinion anti-climatic and left us wondering the questions I asked before. What the heck was the Sphere?

We learn a lot in this book, about how humankind dwell on the depths with low oxigen and such. We also learn about cryptlogy and other kind of science stuff. One thing I ask. If Norman was without his suit right in the end when Beth tries to kill him and he went outside, how come he was not crush by the pression in the water?

I will continue reading Chrichton books. State of Fear or Andromeda are on my pile to next to read.

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