Book Review: The Store by Bentley Little

The Store The Store by Bentley Little
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

I read this book and at the time I couldn't make a review. Didn't know why but I couldn't. This book is the trademark of Bentley Little. The personification of an entity - in this case a chainstore called The Store.

From day one that this building was built something changed in that city. Other business is going down as the Store expand more and more.

We follow a family of characters that are connected with the store directly or inderectly. And probably the best part of the novel is the change that The Store puts on his employes. Imagine The Store as a cult. You only leave on a body bag.

This book really nails the consumerism/capitalism that affects most companies. They are heartless companies that only think of money. Imagine now, what would happen if they were run as a Cult and there you go. It's bloody brilliant. This book in concept is a lot like The Association.

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