Kickstarter: Deep Madness vs Mythic Battles vs Shadows of Brimstone

I've never done anything like this so bear with me... This is my opinion, and I've not play any of the games with the exception of the 2 core boxes of SOB.

Deep Madness and

Mythic Battles cost the same 100$ and 99$ while SoB cost 300$ or 100$

Deep Madness already with 151 minis (5 days to end)
Mythic Battles with 40 troops; 6 Gods; 7 Monsters and 7 Heroes  (25 days to end)
Sob (20 Heroes; 72 Monsters; 3 Mini bosses and 4 boss (XL or bigger). 300$
      (10 Heroes; 21 Monsters; 1 Mini Boss and 2 boss (XL or Bigger) 100$ 

In terms of quality... well, I have SOB and the quality of the minis are not that good in my opinion. They are simple miniatures with no details... I've heard it was the first batch but I can't say because I only have the core sets. These ones seem prettier but let us see...Oh and you have to assemble them. I can't seem to understand why they still make this kind of minis since other companies do not. Kingdom Death is the only other one I know (boardgame) That makes it but those minis are in other level comparing with SoB

Mythic Battles are from the same guys from Conan in terms of miniatures they are on par with CMON. They serve their purpose but aren't that good. The heroes are ugly without a primer and to me, who don't have the habit of painting they look bad.

Deep Madness videos of minis look great. They really serve their purpose of frighting alien being right from the mind of Lovecraft. We have so many different (25 different types of units)

I am lean to choose Deep Madness ones...

Style of Game / Replayability
SoB is a game of exploration and battle. Your characters evolved and you go from one mission to the other and your characters evolves. There is a town where stuff can happen to so you can have dozens upon dozens hours with this game. Even if you finish all your missions you still can go on while exploring and battling monsters. There are a lot of expansions and types of monsters so each dungeon will be different... Apart from Kingdom Death I think this is the game with more replayability with only the base game.

Mythic Battles has a world campaign like warhammer 40K I guess. But basically this is a skirmish game. You choose one god and then choose heroes and troops and battle with another person. There are a lot to choose so I bet you can play hundreds of game but apart from choosing a different god or hero I think this game can be boring after a dozen or so plays... But that's me

Deep Madness in my humble opinion suffers from Cmon Zombicide's syndrome. It's a campaign dungeon crawler...they have those missions and then you have to craft your own. Or ope someone else does it. You can buy the expansions 100$ two of them with 50 miniatures or something like that and 8 scenarios I think. One interesting thing is that each epic monster gives different abilities or stats to the monsters so that can improve Replayability...

Deep Madness is a success. A new company and with almost 850K. No doubt will achieve 1M. They have heard the backers and gave some extra minis to us. They have made bundles of addons that really add value to the pledge...

Mythic Battles is the beginning but they follow Conan steps. Some stretch goals show and then addons every couple of days.They also give us a lot of updates. They give a lot of videos of games and a lot of notoriety by Beasts of War video and others - That's very important. 

Shadows of Brimstone in the other hand is a failure in terms of communication. First they put the games up and only after 24h, with a lot of questions and such, they gave an update and appear on the comments sections. Second there are nothing to show us besides one photo. There are no videos. No supporters. Nothing. Then there the question about the SoB first kickstarter. Most people around the world only receive the core games after 3 years. I know it can take a while but they should have postponed for 3 or 4 months (that's when the wave 2 is going to be shipped) and then start a new one. Then there is the price tag of 300$. Okay maybe the stretch goals are good and surpassed that value but some people from the first one spent also 300 or 400 and are still waiting after three years. I know they will eventually come forward but.... I think they are asking too much. Then there is the Sumo Pledge that's not worth it. The Shipping prices are way to much. Cmon The Others or Conan (bout 7/8kgs) and asked 30 to 40 Euros. They are asking from 40 to 60. That's too much my friends. Then the all addons come from USA. That's absurd. I know they are a small company but other companies are small as well and I never heard not one doing that (They are small but with 6 or 7 games behind them) and I am talking other miniature boardgamers with this being their first game. It makes no sense. I think they are moneygrabbers. I am sorry. That's the only reason I can come up with it. They even say in their comments when someone asked... " . 

@Aitor “Hi, any chance to get addons from EU hub instead USA shipping? EU backers can't afford the high cost of shipping cost form usa + taxes” – Right now it is unlikely. The reason that the Add ons are packed at our facility in the US is that it takes a very long time and/or is very expensive to pack each backer’s box as an individual. We do not have a facility in the EU that is set up to pack that level of detail on each package being unique (and the 3rd party services are prohibitively expensive and time consuming)."

But okay, I am not trashing or bashing SoB, I really want them to succeed

If I wanted one, if I could afford one - it would be Deep Madness no doubt about it - Unless the SoB really takes off... Which I doubt unfortunally... Why they are so non-existent is frightning... That's the reason they are losing money. Only today it was 2K. Let us hope for a better day...
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