TV Series: Doctor Who (Season 9) 1972

I've just watch the last episode of Season 9 of Doctor Who who run from 01/01/1972 to 24/06/1972. It features the Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) and Jo Grant (Katy Manning). It has 26 episodes distributed between 5 stories.

The First Story was Day of the Daleks (4 Eps) and deals with some rebels from a future conquered Earth who come to the past to change history.

The second Story is called The Curse of Peladon (4 eps). This one was one of the first the TimeLords sent the Doctor to a strange land (Peladon) to help a truce treaty. Interesting we see the Ice Warriors as some good guys... (So probably it's the future)

The third tale was The Sea Devils. This story deals with two enemies of the doctor. First the Silurians who awaken and are trying to control the Earth (like previous series "DDoctor Who and the Silurians. They will make a third appearance in Warriors of the Deep (1984) and the fifth doctor. The other enemy is the Master. The master is imprisoned and the Doctor and Jo are going to visit it.

The fourth tale is The Mutants (6 ep) a tale that deals with a colony of a future earth and the way they deal with the inhabitants. This tale is almost a vision of an Indian american/Africa being controlled by the Europeans. 

The fifth tale  and the last one is The Time Monster that deals with the Master trying to summon Kronos a beast that lives beyond time to make his bidding and conquer earth. In this episode we learn that the Master is responsible of destroying Atlantis. The famous actress Ingridd Pitt makes an appearance in this episode.

It was a very interesting season. I must say I like Jo Grant and the Doctor is very physic getting on fights and so on. My only complain is the length of each series. If you watch it you know what I am saying. It seems you could comprise most of these series in two or three episodes. It follows the same route. Something happens, the doctor and jo go to investigate, someone is killed or arrested then the doctor and jo are arrested then they escape then they arrested then they escape an so on. I mean the Master in each episode got the hold of the Doctor. I can't believe why he didn't kill it. He could have it at least ten times in this five episodes. Cartoons suffer from the same malignat problem. The evil doers are stronger and usually takes the upper hand and then smartly heroes escape and defeat the evil doers.

Btw, I see Jo and the Doctor and I see a romance, something I didn't saw with any other companion. 

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