Anime Review: Area no Kishi (Winter 2012)

Well, my review is about a anime focusing on football or soccer as Americans call it.
I always enjoy watching football anime. One of my favorite growing up animes was Captain Tsubasa or Captain Hawk or Holly & Benji (all different names for it).

I remember watching and waiting for a new episode. I Still remember most of the plot and probably all the names from Nankatsu and many other teams. One of my favourite players was Misugi Jun. Well but apart from that, when I start watching anime again (June last year or something like that) 
One of the first animes I watched was:

The Knight in the Area  (Area no Kishi) - I never made a review of it but here it goes...
In this series 37 Episodes are mainly focus on a young boy called Kakeru that after having an accident received the heart of his older brother Suguru. In this series, Suguru is star play for japanese national team and Kakeru went to a more managerial place. After that accident something changed inside him (not counting his new heart) and he reevaluates what's best for him. 

He then meets some other football players and with them he begins to play football but something happens because at times he (and other people who knew his brother) sees in him Suguru.

I think that at times it focus a lot on that and less on the game play and such. There are a lot of episodes that nothing happens and others that we have some jump forward. Interesting is also Nana Mishima (his best friend, probably wannabe-girlfriend). She also plays football in the Japanese soccer team and it's a great player as well.

Good artwork, some mix genre (soccer & drama or slice of life). It has some fun moments, mainly Araki and in the end we get something. Unfortunately it was not the ending I invisioned. Basically the story ends right before they are playing a maximum importance game. Maybe someday a second season will come out BUT I don't know. Maybe is not that important. Maybe the important part is the JOURNEY until that moment. 

Would I advice anyone to watch it? No. There are way better out there...

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