Anime Review: Bernard-Jou Iwaku (Fall 2016)

So here we are in a new review of another anime I watched in December. Bernard- Jou Iwaku - in English Miss Bernard said.

This anime could go for a lot of time if they wanted it. Each episode has 4 minute and only 12 episodes. Each episode, is FAST and FURIOUS. The lines of each character sometimes are so fast that to read everything you must pause and push backwards.

The series focus on a girl - Sawako Machida and her interest on books but she doesn't like to read... Yeah it's strange. She enjoys books but reading not so much. I can relate to that.

Well in the first three of four episodes it focus a lot on her and Endou (a guy). Then after the middle episodes they realized that the interest part was the relation between her and Kanbayashi.

Kanbayashi is a girl that enjoys books over everything and constantly suggests some books to her friend which either she just takes a couple of catchphrases or reads the backcover.

Then this series focus in other two things... Reading habits and books!

Each story, at least, they give us (the watchers) some feedback on a book. It's quite interesting. Most of them I Had since almost all of them are Sci-Fiction Literature.

The studio is called Creators in Pack. I don't understand what they are... if they are a real studio or something like that but most of their animes are not that well receive by the "critics" in MAL. Most their series rank from  5.46 to 6.70. So probably no second season... but advisable to anyone since watching them all in one go will take 30m or so...
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