Anime Review: Days (Summer 2016 & Fall 2016)

I've just wrote a brief review of Area no Kishi. I also made a review this year about another football anime I watched called Giant Killing. This last one is a bit different. It focus more on managerial aspects.

The last anime of football I watch this year It's DAYS. With 24 episodes it began in July and ended in December. One of the fews animes I watch the episodes as they came out. Just before the last episode we were informed that Days 2 is coming in a new future (probably July of 2017).

So what's the difference between this one and other football out there? Well comparing with what I saw, both Area no Kishi and Captain Tsubasa they were already great football players. Tsubasa is a journey to be the best player in the world, while Kakeru is a good player but have to find himself with his new "heart". In this Tsukamoto is quite different. Tsukamoto never once play football; I think he doesn't even understands what football is but one day Kazama (a brillant player) invites him to play indoor soccer and Tsukamoto enjoys so much that he follows Kazama into Seisiki football team. 

Right from the start older players understand his value. He never gives up and never surrenders and he goes beyond everything (training) to be better. He has no self-esteem and so he trains harder than anyone else so he might not be a burden. I must say that at times I felt like kicking is butt but he is an okay guy. I must say that he develops a lot in those 24 episodes. It's not like he wakes up one day and he is better. He sucks. He fails shots with no keeper and sometimes because of him the team loses. But everyone believes him. From 14/15 episode forward we see a development and a new side of Tsukamoto. He still thinks he sucks but he is has some value. When everyone thinks they are going to lose he screams Seisiki! FIGHT! and an inspiration to everyone else. He is a captain... (or at least the older players know he has the means to be one).

It's a great series. 
Kazama is a great player, probably the best one but also a first year and he helps Tsukamoto (at the same time he learns from Tsukamoto). Then we've got Ubukata a girl that first is quite harsh to Tsukamoto until she sees him training and doing more than anyone else. We've got Ooshiba who is always fighting with Tsukamoto because he knows he can lose his place to him; Kimishita a guy who is always angry and very harsh to Tsukamoto and the current Captain Mizuki who says awkwards things and nonsense things all the time. He is quite funny. He most of all sees Tsukamoto like he was. 

Advisable to anyone who wants to see a guy become a man. A real football series. Sometimes you lose sometimes you win. 

Two or three notes: First; there is a new series out there "All Out!" about rugby that it's a copy from this one. Basically it's a series about a guy who doesn't ev

en knew Rugby existed and starts playing from scratch. That's where the similarities end since their characters are quite different.

Good sound, good artwork and football skill and play. After the 12/13 the artwork it becomes way better. It's like a new guy arrived and start doing the artwork...
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