Book Review: Crime no Vicariato by Agatha Christie

Crime no Vicariato Crime no Vicariato by Agatha Christie
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

This was the first novel I read with Miss Marple but as I am getting to know the main protagonist are always other people. This book is told in the first perspective of the Vicar of Saint Mary Mead. He is married with Griselda which was an interesting character and a bit different from other previous books I read of Agatha Christie. Probably too un-wife I came to read in Christie's novels. Knowing that this book is from the 30's it seems that Christie puts forward a different type of woman we didn't believe to exist on that time. Most of all, an un-vicar wife if you like. But nevertheless they love each other.

Besides the short-story novel this is the first appearance of Miss Marple. A victorian point of view (I think it is said in the second book "Body in The Library") and always thinking the worst of people (and everytime correct) and giving parallels with other situations that she experience in her life.

Other interesting and what it seems recurring characters are Dr Haydock, Colonel Melchett (who gives a lot of credit to Miss Marple) and the arrogant Inspector Slack. Leonard and Griselda Clement are also present in Body of Library and other tales. I think other habbitants of Saint Mary Mead are present here as well.

With the dead of a husband both his wife and lover say they are the killers and Miss Marple must find the killer before everyone gets free.

I think another Christie's book happens the same thing. It will never be my favourite story but I think Miss Marple is an interesting character even if she is almost a minor character.

Funny that both Poirot and Marple are without partner. Funny that they work in two different ways but get the same results (resolving crimes). One is an arrogant and believes in love and people and only trust his brain cells (logic) and other is a victorian personallity that always thing the worst of people and uses her life (ProblamyInductive reasoning y) to solve her crimes.

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