Book Review: Deep Sky by Patrick Lee

Deep Sky Deep Sky by Patrick Lee
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

This book ended this trilogy. Don't know if there will be more but I don't think so. This book is quite good. If the first and second were thrillers with SF elements, this one is the reverse.

In this novel we've got Travis and Paige (now it's girlfriend) as they watch the president of USA being killed. The only lead is Scalar that leads to the beginning of Tangent. In this novel we've got all threads resolved, including why Travis Chase actions will kill millions of people and why Paige as to kill him.

This third book is full of twists but with a bittersweet ending fulffils my expectations. Patrick Lee is one heck of a writer and one of those that I will buy what he publish. I read that he is publishing a new trilogy of thrillers but I will wait to read them all from the beginning to the end. I think that's the way to read a trilogy. Not waiting for a year. Excelent! Advisable to people who enjoy thrillers, Sci-fi, X-Files and conspiracies theories.

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