Book Review: Elfslayer by Nathan Long

Elfslayer Elfslayer by Nathan Long
My rating: 8 of 10 stars

A good addition to the Gotrek Series. No doubt about it. Nathan Long as a different way of writing G&F stories but they are great nevertheless. But unfortunally now he stopped writing and other books are being written that don't follow the straight line they were travelling so far.

In this book we start right after last one (Manslayer) with Gotrek morose because he couldn't arrive at the last battle in the Storm of Chaos Invasion. After meeting with some old friends (Max) they search for something that might destroy the Olde Worlde by a elven reliquary long thought to be lost.

In this book, Thanquol also appears and in this book they come face to face, which never happened before. Right until now, they had battle Skaven but never learn of the Grey Seer. This was done in such a way that I laugh. So much energy, years, power and Gotrek and Felix never even heard of Thanquol.

Here they battle dark elves, pirates, skaven and even sharks. I really enjoy the last battle as Gotrek battles a Great Daemon of Slaanesh and when he says that Gotrek is meant to someone higher than it. What are they talking about??? What is greater than a Daemon Prince? A God? Which God? It's unfortunate that Long stopped writing, and we bet we won't be seeing the end until the "cow" stop making money.

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