Book Review: Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

Ghost Country Ghost Country by Patrick Lee
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

Usually with every trilogies or sagas there is also the possibility that the second book will drag on and give nothing and you will feel empty and without patience to start the third book. That's the evil in the second book - or to be more precise the Middle book Syndrome. It's a real thing... read this article ""

But this particular book that doesn't happen. I will not dwelt on the synopsis (read the review of the first book). This book starts two years after the incidents on the first book and Travis Chase (our main character) was sent to alaska to keep low profile. Why? (again check the first review but I will summarize here) Travis in the end of the first book got the information that he was the creator of the "The Whisper" and because of that Paige (the girl she loves) will kill him because his creation will result on the killing of a lot of people. But a new entity as come from The Breach and Travis must united with Paige. This book deals with the future world of what if. Imagine an X-Files episode mix with the Fringe and then add some more conspiracy theory and you've got it. Action scenes are there and inbetween we've got development of the characters, descrition of technology and the Entity.

I don't think this book is better than the first nor the third but it's a good book that will make you wonder what happens in the third.

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