Book Review: Um Corpo na Biblioteca by Agatha Christie

Um Corpo na Biblioteca Um Corpo na Biblioteca by Agatha Christie
My rating: 6 of 10 stars

A new Miss Marple story. In this story she has a bigger role that her previous book and people recogonize her skills since Sir Henry (one of the protagonists from her previous stories) asks for her help, not knowing that she was already in the case.

This story begins with a body being found in a closed library of a noble house. After investigating several angles I think this was one of the most easy Christie's novels even If I didn't found out about the second murderer... yes there are two. I enjoyed the novel and I read it in a couple of days on my way to work and in bed.

Quite a new addition to Marple personality that we haven't seen so elaborate before because of the small parts she had. The story itself it's great because of Christie comparision of societies and the way she saw aristocracy, the new age rebelds. Quite good. It's even funny how a story begins to travel through the village that changes a little bit everytime it passes from people to people...

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