Book Review: Vampire Hunter D Volume 05: The Stuff of Dreams by Hideyuki Kikuchi

Vampire Hunter D Volume 05: The Stuff of Dreams Vampire Hunter D Volume 05: The Stuff of Dreams by Hideyuki Kikuchi
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This was some suprising read. I read it in one go, well in one morning. Thats highly unusual for me but I had to go to the medic and after five hours of it I finish the book. Living an hour away from the hospital sometimes got its perks.

After a year or something away from D I really wanted to get in the mood because I like the idea behind him but at some time I feel like some trepidation reading these novels.

Vampire Hunter D is a mighty god alike without flaws and that is my main problem with him. After reading the previous novels I felt that I really couldnt connect with him. But since I had enjoyed the scenarios Kikuchi portrays, the setting, the amazing vistas, the odd animals/beasts that roam the land that is a mix of post apocalyptic and western is great. Unfortunaly the characters has his flaws. I enjoy the "upgrade" we got on D and his Hand but at the same time they feel distant as previous books. It seem that after so many battles. no one can defeat him and he knows it. He is as I said a perfect dhampir god. This upsets me because I fail to "feel" the character battles because I already know the outcome.

In this novel D is summoned by a dream to a town where the nobility lives side by side with humankind or at least had and no harm befalls his inhabitants. The source of these dreams is a girl that has been asleep for 30years.

Interesting plot yet simple to understand and this novel reminds me of some noir/mystery from the 40's.

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