Movie Review: The Sea of Trees (2015) & The Monster (2016)

I have not much time to make lengthily review about the last movies I've watch so this are going to be rather small....

The Sea of Trees was one movie I start watching  in October but only finish in November. I started because it was a japanese/american movie and I thought it was horror but after watching 30m I understood it was not so I stop watching because it wouldn't count to the October Horror Fest.

The Sea of Trees is a story that is set mainly in Japan and deals with Loss and suicide. There is a place in japan, a forest to be precise with a history of suicides and death. So much people suicide there every year that they've got leaflets, signs and such to dissuade people of commit suicide. When I went to Scotland one of their bridges also famous for suicide also had some signs and telephone posts and a net so people won't commit suicide.

It's nice story with some interesting flashbacks that make us think and ponder our own life decisions. The main question is... Is suicide always wrong? 

Matthew McConaughey, Ken Watanabe, Naomi Watts all do a great job (basically this are the only characters in the all movie).

The Monster (2016)
This movie was a very good and strange. It's two movies in one. The "present" is about a woman and her daughter travelling to meet her father so she can live with him. Meanwhile the car breaks down and a monster makes siege. The other part of the movie the "past" deals with this woman and child trying to live with one another. The problem is that this mother is a "monster" per se because of drinking and drugs. I understand the allegory between the monster and mother and that made me be on the edge throughout the movie. The ending was very nice as we see her mother, who scream at her, who neglected her, who didn't give a crap, sacrificing for her child... I think out of guilt... like an Iron Maiden song... "It's funny how it is... you'll never miss it until it's gone away..."

Both the mother and daughter really stand out..

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