Review: The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe (The Beast Arises 3 of 12)

The Emperor Expects The Emperor Expects by Gav Thorpe
My rating: 7.5 of 10 stars

This novel is the first one we get to see a bit more action... in this case naval action. But Gav Thorpe is not in the same league as Jack Campbell depicting battle scenes.

For the first time I thought things were moving forward. In the other two novels they were too concentrated on Ardamantua Or Terra but it seems no time had passed. Some of the political plays were finally resolve here (SOME) and others began. We see the Imperial Navy coming together in one massive armada to destroy ONE Death Star Attack Moon.

One (or Two) of the main characters were the Vangorich and his "allie"Inquisistor Wienand who is embroiled in Inquisitors powerplays with even an attack on her by other Inquisitors. Basically Wienand with the help of Vangorich want to make the High Lords take charge and responsibility. The other Inquisitors try to banish and kill Wienand so they can take charge of the High Lords.
(This is quite interesting setting because the Inquisition is quite new Over 2000 years. We know that in 40K they are basically rulers and their power is absolute but from where did they come from? or their power?) There are some ideas here that ask that same question.. who created the Inquisition? Who make it powerful beyond belief?)

We also follow Captain Koorland the last survivor of Imperial Fists trying to reunite with their brethren to once again, after 2000 years, form a co-coalition of all imperial fists chapters.... (there are only 5 or 6 but I bet there are more, after all we don't know all the 1000 chapters - and I think that in 32K most of them weren't created yet - btw, who does a new chapter is created?)

Of newcomers we follow (as the previous novel did with the woman in that planet that commit seppuku) we follow Captain Kulik and Shaffenbeck (second in command) as he try to enter and distance himself from politics between Admirals. Interesting that half this novel was about this rivalries between naval officers and such.

Besides one naval boarding party they are almost non-existent. Okay they fought in Port Sanctus where they destroy the Death Star Attack Moon but they are also that...

This book was better that the previous two. We have more political dramas & schemes. Some fighting scenes (naval) & some space marine rethoric....

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