Review: I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett (The Beast Arises 1 of 12)

I Am Slaughter I Am Slaughter by Dan Abnett
My rating: 5.5 of 10 stars

Small Review...
With a little over 200 pages it look like more a novella than a novel but that's what I expect from the new Black Library format. Why make 400 pages book when you can make 200 and charge the same (or more). Look at all those novels being release 2016. Not counting with HH most books don't surpass 250 pages or are an amalgamation of short stories.

Well Dan Abnett is a King but in this novel I didn't enjoy that much. It felt like a really long prologue (and probably it was what they were aiming there).

They throws us into a clash between the Imperial Fists and some beings (that look like intergalactic giant flying ants) in a planet quite close to Terra ( six weeks warp travel) called Ardamantua.
We mostly get to see the effects of big space hulks (flying planetoids) that tore the world apart.

Some imperial fists died from that (and from the innitial xenos). After the appearance of that monster moon the remaining Imperial Fists that were stationed on Terra (for over 2000 years) go to help their battle brothers. Suffice to say that they weren't enough of them.

We also got see a bit of something I didn't think they had talk before - the High Lords of Terra. IT's a complacent bunch and basically petty politicians that rob mankind and take advantage of their positions. Abnett also introduce us the petty squabbles between themselves. In this book we follow a couple characters inclduding Second Company Master Koorland aka "Slaughter" (which unfortunately I hope more of him). "Beast" an Assassin & "Beast" the Ork - Why name two characters with the same codename was a bit odd... We also follow the Master of Assassins - Drakan Vangorich who is not part of the High Twelve being substitute by another office.

I hope for a bit more but unfortunall that's what you get with a 12 book saga. Enter Predator Prey.

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