TV Series: Doctor Who (Season 10) 1973

Well... The tenth series of Doctor Who (1973) was quite sad... well at least the last season it was... But let us start....

The Three Doctors was an interesting tale with 4 episodes where we got to see the first three doctors. It was interesting to return to see William Hartnell & Patrick Troughton. Interesting little tale about how the Time Lords needed help. As a reward they made the Third Doctor realeased the Doctor form Time Travelling. Finally!
The Departure of Jo Grant... :(

The Second story was Carnival of Monsters. Good episodes about SS Bernice last voyage. Interesting tale of monsters and reality. I really enjoy Jo & Doctor connection.. I believe they both love one another.

Frontier in Space is a tale that puts the Doctor between a coming war between a future Earth & Draconian Empires. Really interesting tale that makes the last appearance of the Master (Roger Delgado) and the return of The Daleks

Planet of the Daleks another good story about the Daleks and their master-plan to conquer the galaxy. 

The last story was The Green Death that makes the last appearence of Jo Grant. What a bogus. I really enjoy Jo and I know that for once The Doctor loved her as well... it was to forced.. She meets a guy and decides to marry her (they even haven't kiss yet..) Weak weak weak resolution.. We see the doctor leaving the party sad...
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