TV Series: Slasher - Season One

We're we go again. The last series I ended up seeing was "Slasher". Having love Scream TV Series I thought that I would also enjoy this one.

Well in part I did enjoy the series BUT I can't honestly say I would advice to anyone.

Basically the series are focused in two parts.
One only in snippets or images and the other in the actual story. The actual story focus on the life of Sarah Benett and her husband Dylan returning to a town where gruesome murderers have happen 20 years before. Tom Winston killed both Sarah father and mother while she was in her womb. After some problems with money she returns; she to work in a gallery and he to work as editor in chief in a newspaper.

From that moment on, we understand that there are a lot lies, hidden stories from each characters. Each episode as well focus on a killing - each one corresponds to one SIN

First Wrath; Gluttony; Envy; Sloth (2 victims); Greed; Lust and Pride. Yes, this are 7 seven sins in seven episodes Because the last one didn't had a cardinal sin. In the seven episode we learn who the killer was and it was awful blow...

Katie McGrath doesn't do a particular good work on her performance. I really didn't enjoy her acting... neither I enjoy Brandon McLaren (Dylan). I did enjoy Steve Byers (Cam) and Tom Winston (The original executioner).

Spoilers ahead...
- First the all Ian Vaughn story (the chief police). He kidnapped some drunk girl and had her as a slave for 5 years - and a son. Her wife knew and ignore it...
- Tom Winston, the original executioner killed and let himself  be arrested for what? Couldn't understand why he did it. In the seven episode we get the feeling he was being manipulated by Sarah's parents (she then find out that Tom was her true father). Later on he sacrifice himself so Sarah could live... what if he didn't do it? Then Sarah would've been killed and Cam wouldn't be with her... so... did he knew she would sacrifice himself?
- Then we've got Cam... So he killed his mother and several years afterwards start to clenase the city. Why? We know he is a serial killer but...
- In the final episode Cam frames Dylan, Sarah soon afterwards fucks Cam. It was a really interesting because we see Cam be a little violent. She then starts unpacking stuff and sees Cam with a drawing - a drawing he made several years before that symbolizes Gluttony - she then understands that he is the killer.

About the ending...
So, Sarah tries to kill Cam, fails miserable, lets her friend also be stabbed and runs away. Dylan then rescues Sarah but he is beat by a injured Cam (why all psychotic killers have such regenerative powers); Sarah then smacks Cam down and with the help of Dylan starts stabbing saying that one is for X and the other one is for Y and such. In the end she slashes his throat killing him. They then leave the city and a new tenants arrive with a cute little girl who snaps the throat of a cat - DAMN!! 

Is this going to have a new season? I think so but it's going to be with different characters and plot. I hope they do it and have more money to spent. I don't think it was that interesting and it could have been cut to half the episodes. I think it left some questions unanswered that probably will be left to our imagination. 

Nevertheless it was a fun watch. I watch the first episodes several months ago but the last 7 episodes in couple of days. If I knew beforehand I would have not watch the series so that goes to say - can I advice to anyone....

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