Movie Review: The Evil Dead (2013)

The Evil Dead is not a remake of Evil Dead from the 80's. First I thought it was but then I understood it wasn't. Both movies are quite similar in some ways. Both have the same monster. Both have the same weapons - chainsaw, shotgun, both have the possessions and necronomicon. Both have someone cut of his hand and use a chainsaw. But they are different in one way...

The comic relief. Whereas th

e first three evil dead (and the series Ash vs Evil Dead) are horror no doubt about it BUT they have some comic relief and jokes. In this new movie there is no comic relief and to me that was a great change.

Basically the movie deals with five friends on a trip where one of them is on a drug withdrawal and so she must endure everything. But then things start to go wrong. They find some burn cats on a cellar and several a strange book - the necronomicon. One of the friends read from it and things went to shit.

Nevertheless a interesting movie. But comparing to all of them I would rate it last.
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