Movie Review: Relic (1997)

The Monster... 
I am going to start making some small reviews since I do not have much time to write... Relic is a movie based on a book that I really enjoyed. There are some divergences between them but that's to be expected as almost all adapations.
Relic the book is from 1995 and the first from the Pendergast series written by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.
Our two main characters. Margo & D'Agosta
In the movie there is no Pendergrast. It's on Chicago instead of New York Natural History Museum. There are also some differences like Margo Green (the Doctor) in the book helps killing the beast by Pendergast and in the movie she is the one who kills it. D'Agosta (the police guy) has a similar role but quite different (superstitious). Dr Frock in the movie is killed but in the book is not.  Also the monster is quite different. 

Did I enjoy the movie? Yes. Indeed I did. I think the movie really got into the mood from the book but whereas the book has some slow tempo the movie it's far greater BUT not in a bad way.
I think the movie try to make a one movie deal. That's why the Pendergast was written out.

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