Movie Review: Sonyeo (2013)

So, I've watch this Korean horror story. It's not that horror in my opinion but more drama.
You've got this boy (Yoon-soo) that left Seoul to go a village. There he meets a strange girl (Hae-Won) and starts a new relationship. Meanwhile her father is killed and the boy thinks he saw her grabbing a knife and tells the police who spreads a rumor... 

We later understand that Yoon-soo's friend had died because a rumor he created.  

Afterwards he starts to make amends for what he did and search for Yoon-soo who is unconscious. He brings her to the doctor who says she is pregnant and probably it's the son of her own father. Yoon Soo then confronts him telling it was him that created the rumor and kills him. Then afterwards while trying to cover up everything the kill the foreman who had molested her (probably the father of her unborn child).

Later on, they escape to the city but where powerless and defeated they return to the village lake and he ask her to teach him how to skate (he had previously ask her). As they skate through the ice we begin to see it crack. We never see the ending but we hear water splashing. Probably committed suicide.

This book starts as a drama and ends in a drama. Horror there is none. Probably more psychological thriller.

Nevertheless it is a good movie, although I think it could have been better. Both main characters were a little.. well slow. This movie should have had a better pace.

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