Movie Review: Left Behind (2014)

I am on a role here...

Left behind is a Christian movie. That's it. If you are not Christian probably you're gonna hate it. Basically people live, some believe in Christ and others do not. Those who believe in God are sent to heaven and the rest of the population of other religions must stuck here suffering.... 

That's it. What you want more?

Okay, you've got this girl who is sick of her mother talking about Jesus and a husband who also doesn't believe in Jesus and Her and is trying to screw behind her back (while blaming her for finding a new way... and husband - Jesus that is).

So, as I said, everyone disappears (including all children no matter the religion because... they are pure? Wtf? Are they pure? Try working with me here...

So, Children are Pure so they are taken away - but the bible also says we are born in sin so those children are not capable to understand that and repent - therefore they are not pure in Christ and God's heart correct? Who am I wrong?

Well, it's besides the point... then we've got Nicholas Cage trying to land a plane while in the ground her daughter is trying to find a reason to live after her brother and mother disappear... The movie ends into a cliffhanger which never happened because the movie is.... CRAP! And now I say... THANK GOD for that!

No, I don't believe in the Bible or the Holy Scripture - But I respect what other people belief, even if it's in Santa. Everyone as a right to believe in whatever they want. That's what I think - the same applies to politics and football team (soccer to you Americans...) 

Unless we are hurting one another we should be free to be... free. Never to corrupt or convert.

Unless you are a Christian and/or masochist who enjoys being told he is wrong and for that he is going to suffer to eternity - then delete this movie from your computer... 2/10

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