Anime Review: Demi-Chan Kataritai (Winter 2017)

Sakie, Yuki, Machi, Hikari, Tetsuo & Himari
Well I just finish the the twelfth episode and I must say it was a very good entertaining series. I really hope for a season 2.

The story takes place in an age where "Ajin" (demi-human), more casually known as "Demi," have slowly started to become accepted into human society. Tetsuo Takahashi is a biology teacher who ends up teaching three such Demi, hoping to understand more about them while also managing to catch their attention.

In the series some being (Ajins or Demi) start to appear (or being born) from humans (Kyouko has humans parents and same goes with Hikari who has a twin "normal" sister). Vampires, Succubus, Dulhahans, Snow women and so on. They really don't talk outside our four female demi-chans. It would be cool to learn more about other types of demis (or Ajins).

There is a reason why this anime has some high rating of 7.85 with almost 90K members. It was made by one of the most famous anime studios called A-1 Pictures. They are the ones who made Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso, Boku Dake, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai, Uchuu Kyoudai, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail or even one my favourite animes Grimgar. 

Why this series are so interesting? 
Well. First of all it takes the Harem formula but gives it a twist. There is indeed a harem but not a romantic one (not counting with Sakie which likes him). There is some ecchi BUT only with Sakie since she is a Succubus. There are a couple of other episodes where Hikari touches Machi but I think it's to loosen her up.

This show is indeed about characters and that's where it shines. It grabs the discrimination/minorities and "plays" around with the demis being new to society. There is an episode where a couple of their colleges are talking and saying that they discriminate by saying they are "demis" and not humans. 

Indeed this can be a slice of life. There are cute girls, pleasing visuals, no particular plot  and this could be seen as another boring slice of life. But in here we've got also likable characters, comedy and great social introspection.

Tetuso Takahashi is a biology teacher who is fascinated by the demis. He helps each one of them to better understand oneself and at the same time study their conditions and some myths. 

Yuki-Kusakabe she is a snow woman. She endures a transformation like no other demi. In the beginning of the series she dislikes telling people she is a demi and fearful of her "powers" could do to others. Tetsuo helps her understand how her "body" works.

Kyouko Machi. She is a Dullahan. Basically her body and head are not attached. Go read Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washigton Irving. Throughout the series we learn more about her folklore and status with Tetsuo. There is a interesting episode where she goes to the university to be a Tsetuo friend that talks about the physics and other technical terms to better understand how can she eat or drink and the food go to her stomach since there isn't a physical connection. As she is the smartest girl in school she is fascinated and probably that was Tetsuo intention. She has a crush on Tetsuo.

We've got Hikari Takanashi. She is a vampire and the first one to recurred to Tetsuo. We learn that she avoids biting people necks instead drinking blood sent by the government and drinking tomato juice. She also likes to put her fangs (nibbles) into her twin sister and other people. There is an episode where we the all gang tastes her arms and evaluates their "tastiness" score. She is also easy-going and likes to help people around her. She also confronts people who dislike demi (or other people). In the first episodes she is the link for her new-friends and Tetsuo. They have a great relationship student/sensei or even friend/friend.

Himari Takanashi is a human, no special ability. She is rarely seen on the show but I think they could focus on her more as well. She is the twin sister of Hikari and in all episodes she acts like a protector and almost a "mother" to her. 

Then we've got Sakie Satou. She is a Succubus and a math teacher. She is aware of her "powers" and so she constantly take precautions to avoid seducing her male students making herself looking dull. If a person touches her they become aroused. Se accidentally touches Tetsuo that pretends not to be affected which makes her have a crush on Tetsuo. There is an interesting episode where we follow Sakie throughout her day. Then by the end episodes we learn more of her abilities. In the second-to-last episode she invites Tetsuo to drink in a video  and then personally. He never says yes. In the last episode we see her in a bathing suit and again Tetsuo controls himself.

I think the series has a possibility of a second season, although I understand they stay with only one season. After all it's a great season and one of the best in Winter 2017 but unless they bring a new cast of characters there isn't really a point continuing. The girls learn about themselves and the only thing that stay untold was Sakie love for Tetsuo. Did it come true or not? 

Story 6
Art 7
Sound 7
Character 9 
Enjoyment 8
Overall 8

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