Anime Review: Keijo!!!!!!!! (Fall 2016)

For those who play Dead or Alive Xtreme3 - this is not but probably one is based on another....
Well this is a sports anime. Sports anime with Boobs and Asses. Basically several girls go into a pool on top of plastic isle. Then each girl must throw overboard the other girl with their asses or boobs.

I mean talking about it it sounds awful right? 
After all for a series that is basically that it has a score o 7.44 with 115,571 Members 

But it isn't all that bad. Basically the 13 episode is about a couple of girls trying to find out the best way, tactics and such about it. The authors really thought about this through (the best they could). They made up tactics and each girl "personality" adaptated to that particular tactic(s). Like fast girls who use their speed to sneak up. Others are brute force and others are a mix. They mainly use their asses but there is also the ones who use boobs AND a some use their feminine "arts" to defeat their opponent.  There are special moves.... machine gun but missiles or supersonic hip swings (that could damage you forever) or even Vacuum Cannon. It's so strong that can destroy the opponents cloth. 

Keijo is a shounen-action/comedy series. There isn't a single guy in it and there isn't kind of romance. It has fan service, after all girls are hitting one another with their asses and boobs (and in all honestly it can't live witohut it BUT not in the same as other fan service where it exists to excit the viewers).

The art and animation are quite good, after all it's an action/sports anime and the girls are well portrayed.

This anime proofs that Japan do what Japan does best. Innovate and thinking out of the box.

Watch it. Don't expect a deep anime. Don't expect the best characteer or sound anime. But expect something different that uses fan-services with purpose. Expect something new coming out from Japan.

The creators are Xebec which made To LOVE-Ru, Pandora Hearts or Love Hina. Or the remake of one of my favourite "Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199"

Story 6/10
Art 8/10
Sound 5/10
Character 5/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 7/10

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