Anime Review: Koro-Sensei Quest (Winter 2017)

Small Review for a small anime...

Some of the Bugs....
This anime is chibi-parody of Assassination Classroom. This is not the first. There is also one made to Attack on Titan & The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya. I have not yet watch Assassination Classroom so this anime was a bit odd... I didn't enjoy I must say... It was fun 10m 12 episode but that's it. It was comedy, some RPG jokes (most of the characters are cardboard rpg characters. A paladin, a Rogue, a Mage (not magic - science) and so on... What's interesting is that each character as a bug that makes it harder for them to achieve their goal. Kill the big bad. I don't know if it is a spoiler of some sorts, but it seem big bad was a bored human hero who turn himself to be the big evil bad guy. 

Assassination Classroom is one of those animes on my playlist in the near future.
Watch it for something funny AND if you have seen the original. To me it was rather pointless. 

Story 4
Art 4
Sound 6
Character 3
Enjoyment 3
Overall 4
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