Anime Review: Nazotokine (Fall 2016)

Tokine Amino works as a secretary for TEN2, an advertising agency. One day while cleaning the conference room, she is surrounded in light and finds she can't leave the room until she solves a puzzle.

It seems a creature named Hacchin, a being from another dimension called Quizn. He is interested in the intellectual pleasure that happens when someone solves a puzzles or uncovers a mystery. And he has his sight set on Tokine Amino.

I am sorry but I cannot fully understand this story. Basically you've got a rabbit/pig funny little white thing that transports a young girl (giving her VERY interesting clothes that apparently unconsciously she designs ) so she can solve mysteries. Most of these mysteries are kind of hard for non-Japanese people but there were a couple of them which even I could understand. But our main characters always fail (first) and then answers correctly. Then she has an orgasm and a crystal appears. Yes she has an orgasm of some sorts. WTF? Fan service! CHECK!

spoiler... it wasn't! it was hers....
The reason for all that is so far-fetch to be believable and then in the last couple two or three episodes a new threat appears But is so anticlimactic  that made me cringe my teeth.

There is some non-puzzling solving thing there but it's so unnecessary that made me wonder why do it.  Worth watching? Nope! Not a chance.

This anime was made by Tengu Kobo and this is the first anime. There is going to have a sequel. Hurrah! 

Story 2/10
Art 3/10
Sound 3/10
Character 2/10
Enjoyment 4/10
Overall 3/10
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