Anime Review: Shingeki no Kyojin (Spring 2013)

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan

I recently watch this anime and it was probably a record to me. I watch the 25 episodes in 7 days (besides this 25 episodes I also watch more 15 (from other series I am following) so I could have done it in 4 or 5 days.

The reason I watched was that in April a second season is starting and so I want to follow it.

My main reaction is... Give me more!!

This anime is indeed not over-rated BUT in my humble opinion is not the best I watched. It made it's purpose and I can see being so high rating in MAL. Unfortunately, to those people watching as the series were being released they had to wait 4 YEARS to watch a sequel as this anime is incomplete in the first season - it's so incomplete that it doesn't even have a Mid-closure or something like that.

Well, let me be brief about this anime (a lot have been said and better reviews are out there). The story is set in a world almost 100 years after an invasion by something they called Titans (Titans because they are huge from 3 Meters to 15 Meters - we later learn that there are some that achieve 50 meters high).

So as humanity was almost in the brick of extinction they made refuge inside some country within a walls. These walls are massive. In the anime, if you can make the math it says that the Wall Maria to the Wall Rose is said to be 100 Klm and Wall Rose to Wall Sheena is 130 Klm and the radius of the wall of sheena is 250 Klm therefore Maria has total diameter of more than 3000 Klms!. Well that's a distance from Lisbon (Portugal) to Warsaw (Poland). if we  went in a straight line between Wall Maria to Wall Sheena is the distance between Lisbon to Porto or something like that.

Well everyone lives inside those three walls. Since the walls are too great each wall has four districts just before the wall so the titans concentrate there. It's a high risk place but it's the only way to keep humanity safe or over-stretch.

Well within these walls live one boy that wants to be part of the Recon Corps or in other translations Survey Corps. They are basically the branch of military that goes outside the walls to learn more of the titans. There is also the Garrison (which basically patrols and maintains the walls and engaging the titans and then we've got the Military Police which basically are the King's Cards. Both the Military and Garrison are highly corrupt. The Recon Corps are the only ones who want humanity to advance and reclaim more land from the Titans.

Well one day a new type of Titan (50 meters high) appear and made a breach in the city making for the first time in 100 years a war between the Titans and Humanity. Afterwards a Colossal Titan appear and breach Wall Maria. Those who were able fled to Wall Rose but most population died. We later learn that most population from Wall Maria were sent to their deaths (100,000) because they had no food to feed them all.  Both Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert join the army and have some hard training where they meet a lot of characters... well friends.

This is how I see Mikasa & Eren relation...
This anime feels epic because we follow a lot of people and not only the main characters which it's great. Unfortunately most of them died. We get to feel something for them and BAM they died. We are talking about 20 plus characters...

Well, just after the graduation, and five years later they escape Wall Maria the big Titan appears and a second invasion begins. In the mist of confusion Eren is supposedly killed. We go two episodes without seeing him. Then a Titan protects Mikasa who is rampaging killing all titans in sight. They later learn that the Titan is Eren.

Eren is arrested and taken to the Recon Corps who use it to seal the city once again making the first time humanity won in a Titan War.

Then they train Eren (helped by Captain Levi) to master the titan skills and they leave the walls to try to retake Wall Maria & the Basement of Eren where supposedly is a message from his father. But then a female Titan appears and destroys most of the convoy. This titan is intelligent and they fail to capture. It seems it was a plot conceived by Erwin (the chief of the corps).

Left Top to Right Top - Armin, Mikasa, Erin, Levi and Zoe
Then they later understand that that female titan is akin to Eren and they most capture her to understand everything. They battle inside the walls Sheena capturing her to find that she was a college of Eren. Since she is stasis they cannot learn much from her.

The last image we see a titan within the walls Sheena which was destroy by the female titan.

Of course this is only a synopsis... within it there are much talk about Mikasa & Eren relationship. How he tries to understand everything that has happened to him and the psychological struggles he has. We get to see the politics and schemes within humanity (mainly the corps) and the action scenes which are very interesting because they were shot in a 3D kind of scheme.

The art is not spectacular but it's fine.  It's very fluid but I've seen better anime drawing. The music is epic no doubt about it - one of the best I've seen. There is a lot of passion and horror with it. There are some comedy moments (mainly potato girl & Hange Zoe) and and the feelings... oh my. Every single episode ends in a cliffhanger and if I had to watch it as some people watch (once per week) I would be ... epic!  Oh and the voice-acting is great.

That's another of my points. This anime wasn't made to watch it in one go but to digest it a episode a time because of the cliffhangers. 

My favorite character was Misaka no doubt about it. 
There are a lot of questions to be answered....

Who made the walls?
Who or What are the Titans?
Why make Eren a Titan?
What's the difference between intelligent and not so intelligent titans?

Why is there a titan within the wall?
Who are the co-conspirators of the female titan?

I know that most of these could have been answered by the manga but I won't read it and I hope second season answers them...

Just two more things...
First: Mikasa, if you are listening, protect Eren but don't fell in love with him. He doesn't deserve you!
Second. Rating. I am evaluating only this anime and not the second season so I would say that I would rate it 9/10.  There are some flaws to it. Maybe second season will make it a 10/10? Hope the art is better and they learn something from doing Kabaneri of the Fortress.
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