Movie Review: Cabin Fever 1 & 2 (2002/2009)

I will reveal them both in one go... I didn't enjoy them. They are not that good, well made or whatever.

The first movie, we've got this kids who go to a cabin where they meet this guy suffering from some kind of plague. As he dies he contaminates the water and one by one they died (or are killed) because in the midst of this, some rednecks are trying to kill them and the police or special forces are trying to kill them. 

The only interesting part is the sex scenes... not because of the sex but because it's gory! Watch it.

The second movie starts right after this one. Again the water in the main source of contamination but this time is sent to a school. There are minor sex scenes again gory as heck and some interesting dialogues but nothing to fancy or special to remember. The movie with barely 85 minutes and 10 or 15 or them is animation showing us that probably the contamination is going behind the school and to other states and even Mexico - hinting for a Cabin Fever 3. There is a third movie Cabin Fever: Patient Zero but is a prequel of how all of it started it.

There is also Cabin Fever made in 2016 that is a remake of the 2002. Didn't watch it. Probably wont. Just so you know... Critics alike say it's crap... Box Office Crap (Barely $35K)
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