Movie Review: Chronicle (2012)

A boy starts filming with a new camera his own life. He and his cousin are going to a party. There he finds a guy (Steve) who wants him to film something. They found some strange artifact / alien stuff. 

That alien stuff did something to him. From that moment on they start doing stuff, first minimal stuff like piling lego with their mind, then some shopping carts. But with with their increase power they start doing other stuff like moving cars. Andrew (the guy with the camera) then throw a car out of the road because it was upsetting him with his honking. They were able to help the guy but a rift was almost created between them. 

They start to learn new techniques like levitating and other dangerous stuff. Then Andrew enter a talent show using his "talents" to win (with the help of Steve & Matt). From one moment he start to be a VIP.

Then Andrew went to have sex... and something change. We later see him kill an ant because he felt like it.

Afterwards Andrew levitates to the middle of the storm and Steve who came after him is struck down by lightning and killed. Afterwards the cousins went two different paths. Andrew become more and more erratic and the last 15 minutes of the movie we watch a full blow confrontation between them on national television.

Andrew is killed by Matt but knows it was not his fault. The movie finish with Matt trying to understand what the power is and means.

Good movie with special powers but it's not like other movies. We are focus here on their actions and meanings of them and not the actual powers. The meaning of growing and responsibility.

The movie is not a full budget but is probably better than tens some x-men or avengers or something like that.
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