Movie Review: Fender Bender (2016)

Fender Bender is another crappy horror movie that it's suffer from being too long and too slow. Supposedly it is trying to give some ambiance but it fails miserly.

  • When she founds out the pictures of her taking a bath WHY didn't she called police immediately?
  • Why did she try to find about the "invader" in her own house and call the police? That's absurd.
  • Another thing.. So a girl crashes through a window making a lot noises. There are screaming... have they no neighbors? Strange place to live...
  • Why a person running is slower than a serial killer walking?

Lets talk about another stupid situation... She strikes with a blade. Next step? Well putting gasoline and trying to light a match. When he gets up she grabs a metal rod and starts striking him... WHY wasn't that her first thought? Damn...

He is wounded and slowing walking why not run away?
Again he is down, why not strike away? Why going to the car to light a fire? 

Well interesting or not he has kill at least 20 women... probably more from several states. 

One strange thing I never got from these kind of horror stories.. Okay you stroke down  your killer-wanna be. WHY the hell you go to see if he breathing or something like? Grab the darn rod, gun or something like that and strike again and again and again so to make sure. Dumb people.

  • Btw, why all psycho killers have some strange healing powers? Did they try to be wolverine and failed?And why the killer never kills the victim when he can instead of toying with it? They are not that deficient.

Nice ending btw... Fender Bender!
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